Yes, another new Goonies game to celebrate the cult film's 25th anniversary this year! Unlike the completely new The Goonies 'R' Good Enough release for MSX that Kralizec released with its own cartridge and packaging, this title is a PC remake of Datasoft's ZX/C64/CPC/Atari/pple game, available to download for free.

While its based on the same material, this remake plays nothing like Konami's NES/MSX releases that more people are probably familiar with. In this version, players control two members from the Goonies gang, solving puzzles to reach the exit to the next screen. Each scene is based on sets from The Goonies film.

The remake, which was produced by Luis Barrachina and David Vassart (with Steve Fenton and Mihaly Horvath contributing to the soundtrack), features new graphics, music, and more. You can grab the full game or its demo here.

[Via Retro Remakes]