While the absence of shirtless men and the Contra name in its title has left series fans worried, Hard Corps: Uprising will likely win over a lot of gamers with this awesome anime intro (and even more awesome music!).

It's probably unreasonable to expect a lot of these cutscenes scattered throughout a downloadable game, but I'm hoping there's more of this in Hard Corps! Motorcycle shootouts, a samurai running through the forest, dudes riding on a missile to reach the top of a skyscraper, and a guy whose hair extends well-beyond a foot of his face -- what's not to love?

For those who want to watch actual gameplay, GameVideos has also posted a level and boss fight from Hard Corps: Uprising, which you can check after the post break. Konami plans to release the Arc Systems Works-developed run and gun game on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network some time this Winter.