In case you missed the intriguing puzzle-platformer when it released for Windows PCs earlier this year, Depict1 is not available as a Flash game. I meant to try it out for only a few minutes this morning, but I was sucked in and ended up playing through the entire thing to see its two endings!

The game's port comes from Kyle Pulver (IGF 2009 finalist Snapshot) and Miroslav 'Mirosurabu' Malesevic (Eversion), and it's the opposite of the other PC-to-Flash title we featured just yesterday, Tower of Heaven -- in that game, you needed to follow rules sent down from God or face smiting.

In Depict1, you need to disobey all the prompts and advice to survive each stage (and to even begin the game!). The twist really helps the game set itself apart from the hundreds of other indie puzzle platformers out there! You can play it for free here.