Developer Manomio has released a new 1.7 update for its Commodore 64 iPhone app, adding more than a dozen new free and premium C64 games, as well as new features, control improvements, and fixes.

With this new update, players receive three free titles -- Iridis Alpha, Heatseeker, and Bozo's Night Out -- and 11 games they can purchase from the store: Armalyte, Buggy Boy, Druid, Eliminator, Hunter's Moon, International Karate, Snare, Summer Camp, and all three releases from The Last Ninja series.

Commodore 64 1.7 also adds a reimplementation of the control layout system for "complex controls scenarios" in games like The Last Ninja, a fixed-mode joystick in landscape mode, an option to adjust the dead zone of the virtual joystick, OpenFeint 2.5 support, and more.

The update should be free if you've purchased the app before; otherwise, you can buy Commodore 64 for iPhone for $4.99. The app includes eight other free games in addition to the three listed above (Dragons Den, International Soccer, Jupiter Lander, etc.).