Though a number of music applications have released for Nintendo DS/DSiWare, the Korg DS-10 series remains the most popular software for artists wanting to compose tracks on the dual screen portable. DS musicians will be happy to hear that the creators of the Korg DS-10 releases have formed a new studio (jumping from Cavia/AQ Interactive) called Detune and are working on Korg M01.

As its title suggests, the software is based on electronic musical instrument maker Korg's popular M1 music workstation. Korg M01 features "a wide variety of music", an 8-track sequencer, and more than 300 sounds. The application is designed so "anyone can generate musical notes, chords, and drums by [using the] touch screen without music knowledge".

The gentleman you'll see demonstrating Korg M01 in the video above is celebrated composer Yasunori Mitsuda Nobuyoshi Sano of Ridge Racer and Tekken fame, how heading Detune. Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger), who produced the previous Korg DS-10 releases with his company Procyon Studio, is likely also working on the project.

The software is scheduled to release this December in Japan, published by Korg and Detune.

[Via Joystiq]