From September 3rd to the 22nd, art collective The Autumn Society and Gallery 1988's Los Angeles location will host "The 3G Show", an exhibit dedicated to three unforgettable '80s film series: Ghostbusters, The Goonies, and Gremlins.

Jude Buffum, whose 8-bit works we've featured here many, many times before, is contributing three pieces for each of the three properties, recreating pivotal moments where "one of the characters makes a crucial discovery (or error)" as a video game scene.

For the above art, Buffum explains, "I always wondered what would have gone down had ghostbuster Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) answered 'Yes!' to Gozer’s inquiry 'Are you a god?' Would he have averted Stay-Puft peril? Sadly, we will never know."

You can see his other two artworks for The 3G Show after the break:

"I’ve probably watched the film Gremlins at least two dozen times, but it was only upon my most recent viewing that I realized that Billy’s girlfriend Kate is probably the most successful survivor of the film.

Sure, Billy racks up the highest body count, but only because he [SPOILER ALERT] blows up the town movie theater. Even Billy’s mom kills more Gremlins in hand-to-claw combat in one of the most unforgettable mother-kicking-ass scenes of all time.

But the fact that Kate survives who knows how many hours behind the bar at Dorry’s Tavern with barely a scratch and discovers (without any knowledge of Mogwai and Gremlin lore) that bright light is their weakness, and uses a Polaroid camera to escape to safety, is a testament to how much of a badass she is."

"In The Goonies, I often wondered what Sloth and Chunk were doing right before they swoop in to save the rest of the Goonies from the Fratellis.

Were they spying from afar? Was seeing his mother make a pre-pubescent girl walk the plank at sword-point the impetus he needed to rebel against his own flesh and blood? Or had he simply watched too many Errol Flynn movies while chained up in the basement of their hideout?"

[Via .tiff]