Though many critics panned Ubisoft's video game adaptations for James Cameron's Avatar film, Stern Pinball will have the chance to release another kind of game based on the property when the 3D movie re-releases next month in theaters with eight minutes of extra footage.

The pinball company announced that it's working on a new table with a 3D backglass, speech and sound effects from the movie, original voice over by Stephen Lang (who plays the film's antagonist Colonel Quaritch), and a mech toy on the playfield similar to Stern's Iron Man machine.

Stern shared this information about the pinball table:

"In Avatar pinball, you as player are the hero Jake Sully. Capture the pinball in the transporter link, a case that reveals a Jake figurine, and transform yourself into his Avatar. Then, after a series of challenges, get past the motorized up/down target bank protecting Colonel Quaritch and fight the Colonel in his AMP Suit, aiming your pinball at him.

As you overtake the Colonel, his AMP Suit crashes to the ground and you save the Na'vi people from total destruction. Avatar pinball also features a twisting ramp, the magnet for random ball play, and lots of multi-ball action."

Though the company hasn't shown off the design of the game's playfield yet, Arcade Heroes did dig up this image that looks like an mocked up photo of the machine (above). Stern expects to begin production on the Avatar pinball machine in the middle of August and will ship the game in the U.S. in early September.