Retro/Grade has come a long way since it was shortlisted in two categories for 2009's Independent Games Festival awards. Developed by 24 Caret Games, it's a rhythm-based shoot'em up played in reverse (playable with either a guitar controller or standard controller), coming exclusively to PSN some time next year.

The most obvious change you'll see in these new screenshots posted by PSNStores is Retro/Grade's graphical overhaul, with nearly all of its graphics remade to look their best on HDTVs, as the game promises to run at 60 frames per second at 1080p with anti-aliasing. The studio's Matt Gilgenbach shares other additions:

"Retro/Grade now has power ups and power downs to keep the gameplay fresh and to make it feel more like a shooter. We’ve worked on some epic reverse boss fights, but we aren’t ready to talk more about them yet. Retro/Grade now features all new and more interesting patterns for the levels. We’ve focus tested Retro/Grade in order to find out all the rough edges and smoothed them out.

Retro/Grade is a unique game unlike anything out there, which is always a good thing because it’s fresh, but it also makes it harder for gamers to pick up and play – especially because they have to wrap their minds around time going in reverse. In order to address this, we’ve done a ton of work on the tutorial sequence."

You can see more screenshots and an old trailer to compare the revamped visuals against after the break.

[Via GamerBytes]