This Gaming Life: Travels In Three Cities -- a non-fiction account by Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Jim Rossignol chronicling his experiences and reflections on video games in London, Seoul, and Reykjavik -- is now available to read for free online thanks to publisher DigitalCultureBooks.

A quick description of the book, which was originally published (in its hardcover form) in May 2008, as provided by DigitalCultureBooks:

"From his days as a Quake genius in London's increasingly corporate gaming culture; to Korea, where gaming is a high stakes televised national sport; to Iceland, the home of his ultimate obsession, the idiosyncratic and beguiling Eve Online, Rossignol introduces us to a vivid and largely undocumented world of gaming lives.

Torn between unabashed optimism about the future of games and lingering doubts about whether they are just a waste of time, This Gaming Life also raises important questions about this new and vital cultural form. Should we celebrate the "serious" educational, social, and cultural value of games, as academics and journalists are beginning to do?

Or do these high-minded justifications simply perpetuate the stereotype of games as a lesser form of fun? In this beautifully written, richly detailed, and inspiring book, Rossignol brings these abstract questions to life, immersing us in a vibrant landscape of gaming experiences."

If you'd rather pay for the book, you can still pick up a paperback edition for $13.97 at Amazon, or purchase This Gaming Life: Travels In Three Cities for your Kindle for $21.95.