Without much explanation, indie game developer Tuna revealed a few months ago that it was seeking a publisher for its claymation-based action platformer Cletus Clay, revising its plans to just self-publish the game on Xbox Live Arcade.

As the company's head Alex Amsel explains in a recent blog post, this change came about due to "game industry politics":

"The big news is that Cletus Clay is now not going to be on Xbox Live Arcade. At least, we won’t be self-publishing it on the platform because apparently we no longer fit in with Microsoft. Given the current state of Xbox Live Arcade and sales thereon, perhaps they are right!

We have plenty of interest from publishers on both Xbox and PlayStation 3 but at present we prefer to retain our independence. This does, however, mean that Cletus Clay is going to have another development change. Anthony and Alex will continue the project in due course and we will be funding it from our other projects unless one of you happens to be feeling very rich and generous!"

Tuna artist Anthony Flack adds, "We’ve swum this far up a river of shit and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna give up now."

The developer did have some more positive news to share, though, such as the welcoming of fellow indie studio Games Faction (Inkvaders, Project Aftermath) to its office. It also revealed that it's toying with Cletus Clay: Cow Patrol, "an iPhone mod of a Cletus mini game", which the company says it will release if the final product seems fun enough.