NYC's indie game arcade Babycastles will host another wicked party next week featuring a musical performance by chiptune artist Glomag and a selection of playable indie titles picked out by video games journalist and GSW contributor Matt "Fort90" Hawkins.

The headline game of the "Hardcore Feelings" show will be Super Hypercube, a 3D puzzler project presented by the Kokoromi Collective and Polytron (Fez), with the latter group's Phil Fish attending. You can find out more about the game here!

Also at the event: Calvin & Hellen's Bogus Journey, a collaboration between Hellen Jo/Calvin Wong/Derek Yu originally exhibited at Game Over/Continue?; Untitled, another Game Over/Continue? project from Deth P Sun and Cactus; Katawa Shoujo, Four Leaf Studios' dating sim featuring disabled girls; Love Love 2, an enigmatic PS1 title from TYO and Seitron & Art Inc; and Rescue the Beagles by 16 x 16.

While Babycastles will have the games on display all month, you'll still want to attend the opening party on August 5th, as it's the only night Super Hypercube will be available due to "all the specialized hardware involved." Make sure to RSVP!