The 2D beat'em up seems to be making a comeback, what with games like Ubisoft's Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Wayforward's Batman: The Brave & The Bold, releasing soon. AGO Games, a new independent studio out of France, has another title to add to that list: The Asskickers.

The developer hasn't revealed much media for the PC/Mac game yet, but the details it's shared sounds promising: pencil-drawn 2D sprites and backgrounds animated with frame-by-frame animation, seven levels amd in "the heart of the modern urban jungle", and two-player co-op with collaborative attacks.

As AGO Games describes it, The Asskickers is about "three heroes sharing [their] love for the martial marts defending their innocence and their freedom by kicking asses in a world corrupted by greed and special interests." Naturally, each of those three playable heroes have their own different/complementary fighting styles.

The studio plans to have a fully playable demo for The Asskickers at Gamescom (August 18-20) and invites attendees to visit its booth for a look (H045). Says AGO Games' managing director and owner Stanislas Berton, "If you come across a slender dark-haired fellow with Brezhnev-style eyebrows during the show, well that’s probably me."