Produced by UK's Channel 4 and digital entertainment company Littleloud (developer of BAFTA award-winning Bow Street Runner, another web-based interactive drama), The Curfew is a "futurenow political sci-fi adventure" coming late July.

In The Curfew, new laws designed to increase public security keep forbid Britain's citizens from leaving their homes at night. From what I can gather, some sort of resistance group has formed to fight the curfew, and has procured data helpful to the organization's cause.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Kieron Gillen explains the game's concept:

"The basic structure is you, in the house, with these four individuals, trying to work out who to actually give this precious information to. The game takes a Canterbury Tales-esque structure, with each of the four telling you their story of how they ended up in the safe-house overnight. As in, you play through their story, as if they were narrating it to you.

Between each of the three acts, you switch back to the safehouse and get a chance to quiz them on the details, which alters how they feel about you. When someone’s story is finished, you go onto the next person and repeat the process.

An hour or so later, you’ve played through the game and it’s decision time. And there’s eight unique endings depending on how you do along the way, hopefully with a 'What happened to everyone else” screen afterwards.'

In anticipation of the game's launch, Channel 4 has put up several videos teasing The Curfew. In the clip above, viewers are introduced to one of the four characters featured in the game, Lucas. I've also included a longer trailer introducing the game after the break.

Keep an eye on Channel 4 and Littleloud's official site for when The Curfew launches next month!

[Via Wonderland]