I've never felt the attraction to them myself, but there's a portion of video game collectors -- probably those with far more room than I have to store this stuff -- that love to acquire store kiosks. This auction for one such display is especially rare, as its from a limited run of prototype Vectrex stands.

According to seller Celprints, only a handful of Vectrex stands were produced, and this unit is possibly one of only three prototype versions that are still around. He proclaims, "If you want the rarest Vectrex item on planet Earth, now is the time to jump on this opportunity."

The seller notes a couples differences between the prototype and other Vectrex displays he's seen: the images of games have been laminated or plasticized; and the body of the stand appears to be around three times thicker than normal production Vectrex kiosks, which he says makes this "far stronger and also much heavier."

As of this posting, bidding for the stand is at $405.00 with more than four days to go. Make sure to also check out Celprints' prototype Sega game display stands!

[Via GameSniped ]