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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pac Is Back: 3D Pac-Man TV Show Footage

It's a bit blurry due to the stereoscopic 3D effects, but here's the video preview that Namco Bandai showed off at E3 last week for its potential Pac-Man TV show produced by former Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad and animated by Sprite Animation Studios/OLM Digital Inc.

As you can tell from this long trailer, Arad and Namco Bandai have a very different vision of Pac-Man than what you might remember from the classic arcade game. The proposed show follows a teenage Pac-Man as he tries to make it through high school while also defend Pac-Land from invading ghosts.

"We feel we have a unique opportunity to have an action adventure, human interest story," said Arad, according to a report from Variety. "We don't know what happened to Pac-Man's parents. He's the only yellow one in Pac-Land; what does that mean? Is it a social statement? We'll find out."


He's the only yellow one in Pac-Land; what does that mean? Is it a social statement?


This is even worse than I was expecting, and my bar was about a mile below sea level.

I can't wait till this show comes out. I'll bet you know about Hanna Barberas Pac-Man cartoon. I also can't wait to see The Looney Tunes Show.

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