BlinkWorks, the production company behind much-anticipated documentary Indie Game: The Movie, brought its cameras to TIGJam: Winnipeg two weekends ago and captured a slice of the 48-hour game jam event, as local developers and out-of-towners spent a weekend coding their projects and exchanging ideas.

You'll see several notable indie developers and their game concepts featured in this professionally shot/edited video: TIGJam: Winnipeg organizer and Infinite Ammo's Alex Holowka (Marian, Paper Moon), Semi Secret's Adam Saltsman (Canabalt, Flixel), Chevy Ray Johnston (Beacon, FlashPunk), and Blurst's Matthew Wegner (Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, Minotaur China Shop).

"[Game Jams are] all sorts of awesome," BlinkWorks said in its blog for the Indie Game film. "It's rather intense in nature, filled with some serious work, good vibes and decidedly devoid of any serious sleep. An exhausting cocktail that shouldn't necessarily add up to a great way to spend a weekend -- but does."

"It's really such a simple idea (put like-minded people in a room and let them create) that pays huge dividends in terms of learning, camaraderie and inspiration. Game jams really seem to showcase the community, skills and general attitude of indie scene at its best."

BlinkWorks also points out that this footage is not an actual or intended part of Indie Game: The Movie, as the studio put it together as a short film for those looking forward to the documentary to enjoy. You can read more about TIGJam: Winnipeg at Infinite Ammo's retrospective.