If you wish there were more games with characters that looked like Gish's adorable black ball of tar, have a look at Oddy Smog, another environmentally unfriendly hero with special powers that let him stick to objects and climb up walls.

Unlike Gish, a puzzle platformer that had you exploring dozens of story levels, though, Oddy Smog's Misadventures is a high-scoring game that challenges you to climb up a tall smokestack with randomly generated elements and gears that will help you ascend.

Its story is quite charming, too:

"Meet Oddy Smog, nothing but a tiny bit of the Smog that Engulfes Everything. He used to be part of the System, but his desire for freedom pushes him to run away from everything he once knew.

Help him in his quest for a new life! Climb the entrails of the same machine from which the Smog erupts and free those who are still enslaved. Rumor says that there is a blue sky up there where the Smog is white..."

You can download Medusa's Oddy Smog's Misadventures for iPhone and iPod Touch for just $0.99.