As if puzzle platformers from indie developers weren't complicated enough -- what with all the time-manipulating games (Braid), gravity-flipping releases (VVVVVV), and other creative, gimmick-heavy titles out there -- Michael Fruendt has what looks like a new mechanic to experiment with in his new unnamed project.

The game's primary mechanic is difficult to even describe, as Bytejacker points out -- it's kind of like those platformers in which you're controlling two characters in two different worlds at once (e.g. Reflection, Chronos Twins), but significantly different. It's pretty self-explanatory, though, if you watch the video.

Fruendt, who is building the project with Chevy Ray Johnson’s FlashPunk and Matt Thorson’s OgmoEditor, looks to still be in the early phases of the game's development, but he recently posted another video demonstrating the puzzle possibilities of this gimmick: