Hydorah, that rad-looking Gradius-style PC shoot'em up we featured several months ago when its challenging but impressive single-stage demo released, is now out with 16 bullet-filled levels. Though it's only been out for a day, it's already getting a lot of praise from shoot'em up fans for its polish, difficulty, and catchy music.

For those who are terrible at shmups (like me) but want to play a great shooter anyway, there's an option in Hydorah that lets you save your state three times during your playthrough, which should be useful for practicing particularly difficult stages or exploring different paths to find secrets. That leaves you with one less excuse to skip the game!

Spanish indie developer Locomalito, who worked on the title for two and a half years, has posted the game for free, along with posters, DVD cover art, and a PDF user manual on his site.

[Via IndieGames.com]