You might have seen Tuper Tario Bros., the Tetris and Super Mario Bros. hybrid, so maybe you're used to the idea of a Tetris platformer, but Tetravalanche takes a different approach. In this game, you control Upman as he tries to ascend a well and escape a "Monster From The Deep", jumping onto falling Tetris blocks as platforms.

This trailer for the Flash game might seem slow and not too terribly interesting until halfway through, when the pace is sped up, the blocks become more difficult to dodge, the timing of jumps becomes more important, and the purple monster shows itself.

This isn't out yet, but Tetravalanche's developers -- Piotr Iwanicki, Piotr Kądziołka and Piotr Pięta -- hope to find a sponsor through Flash Game License soon and release it to Flash portal.

[Via Piotr Iwanicki]