If you haven't grown tired yet of saving giant trees in games like Secret of Mana, Harvest Moon, and most recently Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, here's a new game that has you questing to save a sick Mother Tree. Released earlier this week by Spearhead Entertainment, Phoenix Spirit is an exploration-based action game for iPhone/iPoad Touch.

The studio compares its title to revered games like Metroid, Castlevania, and Aquaria, which is likely to catch many gamers' interest. In Phoenix Spirit, you play as some sort of flying squirrel, exploring a vast forest filled with enemies, and collecting power-ups to help you in your quest as you try to find out what's behind the big tree's illness.

Flying (though it's more like gliding) around the game world is kind of similar to a horizontal-scrolling shoot'em up, except Phoenix Spirit uses the handset's accelerometers for all of the hero's movement. There are also buttons you can tap to jump, dive, or attack. You can grab the game from the App Store now for only $0.99!