If you've spent months playing Canabalt, mastering the one-button game to the point where you can vault across dozens of rooftops at breakneck speeds without increasing your heartrate or hit the 30,000 meter mark in every playthrough, developer Adam "Atomic" Saltsman has posted a slight variant of the game that adds some complexity (with a purpose!) to the simple title.

With Canabalt: Typing Tutor Edition, instead of just tapping X or C, you'll need to hit dozens of other keys as the game changes the jump button after every one or two leaps. It seems simple at first, but as the platformer speeds up, it becomes near impossible to play if you need to keep glancing at your keyboard to find the right letters.

This educational version also adds two other control options: using the spacebar and double-clicking with the mouse. You can play Canabalt: Typing Tutor Edition, which otherwise seems identical to the original game, for free here.