Of all the different game genres available on the iPhone, the last one I expected to find popularity on the iPhone was roguelikes! It's such a hardcore/niche game type (which our @Play column covers very well), and the mainstream gaming press typically doesn't understand the appeal of turn-based, tactical RPGs and ignores them for the most part.

Dinofarm Games and Fusion Reactions, however, have released an iPhone roguelike that's received rave reviews -- our sister site FingerGaming gave the title 4.5 stars out of 5, and called it "the best roguelike game on the iPhone". Titled 100 Rogues, the game presents itself as an approachable, arcade-style RPG with appealing graphics and easy-to-pick-up mechanics.

100 Rogues doesn't stray far from the roguelike formula, though. It still features randomly generated dungeons, player classes (each with different stats/abilities and a unique skill tree), lots of loot/equipment, a variety of monsters with different powers and weaknesses, and more.

In the game, you take on the role of either a Crusader (holy magic and balanced offensive/defensive skills) or a Fairy Wizard (Crystal magic and ranged fighting skills), both tasked with battling their way through dungeons on their quest to slay Satan.

Dinofarm and Fusion plan to release more content for the game, including two more playable classes, two more worlds, an item shop, new game modes, and more. The two developers, which have worked on the game since December 2008, say they hope that 100 Rogues will be "the kind of game you can play for years."

You can download 100 Rogues on the App Store for $4.99, and find more information about the title in our @Play interview with the game's creators.