Ahead of his upcoming movie, George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead, the zombie filmmaker and Ohio-based studio Additive Interactive teamed up to create App Of The Dead, an iPhone game that lets you zombify your friends and shoot them in the face, too!

With App Of The Dead, you can import or take photos of your friends, loved ones, pets, co-workers, people on the street, etc. and add over 20 different undead features to their faces -- open bloody wounds, deformed eyes/mouths, scars, and more. If you're satisfied with the results, the app allows you to upload the images to Facebook (and other social networks) or email them to friends.

The game also features a custom engine in which you can shoot the zombies you've created to see some "spectacular blood-spatter". Expect App Of The Dead to release in the coming weeks, likely timed with Survival of the Dead's box office debut on May 28th (it's already available on VOD, Amazon, and Xbox Live).