GameSetWatch sister site GameCareerGuide has published the results of its latest Game Design Challenge on inappropriate titles, revealing its next contest: explore the implications of a gender change to a video game character.

Inappropriate Title

GCG's most recent, completed challenge asked readers to deliver a new games for existing game titles, with designs that fit existing game titles better than their actual games do:

Best Entries

Ryan George, Game Design Student at Columbia College Chicago, Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf
Ryan George takes a promising but misleading game title and realizes its full potential. Fighting Golf challenges players to stay under par while duking it out with competing golfers.

Tania Anta, UPC's Master in Video Game Creation and Development, Braid
Anta's take on Braid bears no resemblance whatsoever to the indie hit that shares its title, but instead suggests a compelling pick-up-and-play hairdressing experience.

Aniol Alcaraz, Master en Disseny i Creacio de Videojocs UPC, Syphon Filter
Sony's Syphon Filter is a third-person shooter with a seemingly nonsensical title. Aniol Alcaraz presents a puzzle game based on the concept of filtering fluids using the syphon principle.

Time for Change

The new challenge, which will accept entries through Wednesday, June 9, invites aspiring designers to submit ideas for how a particular video game would be profoundly altered by switching the gender of its main character.

The initial inspiration for the challenge was the work of artists David Stonecipher and Shaylyn Hamm, who explored how female versions of characters from God of War and Team Fortress 2 could look. What challenges would a female Kratos face that the God of War hero wouldn't otherwise? It would change the story of the original game -- maybe make parts of it impossible.

The challenge asks entrants to answer that question, using the pre-existing title of their choice.

Full details on this challenge are available at GameCareerGuide now.