We actually missed a week due to technical problems - so here's a megalength story putting together the top full-length features of the last fortnight on big sister 'art and business of gaming' site Gamasutra, plus some other GameCareerGuide pieces we haven't mentioned.

Some of the notable pieces from the last fortnight include a great retrospective on a decade of PopCap Games, a paean to EVE Online from spymaster The Mittani, a look at how indie developers can exhibit at events, a discussion of ethics in games with some smart interviewees, talks with Sony, Ubisoft Toronto and Capy, and rather more besides.

Ten Years Of PopCap: The Interview
"Two of PopCap's founders look back on the early days of the company through the present, taking in the circumstances behind its founding and its development philosophy -- casual and beyond."

Action Adventure Level Design: Pacing, Content, and Mood
"Toby Gard continues with his case study of fictional game Ken Kong Zombie Killer, looking at how the game's pacing ties into its content and mood -- tying development processes together."

Ethics 101: Designing Morality in Games
"Bethesda's Emil Pagliarulo and 2K Marin's Jordan Thomas discuss the importance of building challenging, satisfying ethical gameplay -- both in their games and in the work of others."

Building On Conviction: Inside Ubisoft Toronto
"Announced last year but quiet since then, Ubisoft's Toronto studio finally lifts its veil, revealing its next project (Splinter Cell) and its role within Ubisoft and the larger industry."

The Rise Of Capy Games
"A chat with the co-founders of the Toronto-based indie (Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, Critter Crunch) about their development style, the local scene, their future, and more."

The Sony Situation: SCEA's Rob Dyer Speaks
"SCEA SVP Rob Dyer talks exclusive DLC deals, publisher relations, how he views the motion controller marketplace, and the state of the troublesome PSP."

Center of Mass: Tools and Techniques for Animating Natural Human Movement
"In this Game Developer magazine reprint, a gymnast and UFC developer dives into how the center of mass of a character is the basis for all realistic motion -- and delivers the technical know-how to achieve it."

The Icelandic Model of MMO Development
"While most MMOs concentrate on developing linear content, EVE Online follows a systems-based design which allows for sandbox gameplay and player agency -- and this article, from EVE expert player/spymaster 'The Mittani', outlines why he believes its subscriber base continues to rise."

Indie Exhibitor Lessons Learned: Mommy's Best Games' PAX Story
"Indie developer and Insomniac alum Nathan Fouts writes a detailed report about his experiences promoting his Xbox Indie Games titles Shoot 1UP and Grapple Buggy at PAX East, with a detailed breakdown of costs and caveats."

NPD: Behind the Numbers, April 2010
"Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews goes behind April's NPD U.S. console retail numbers -- why the surprising 26 percent drop, and what does it mean for the months ahead?"

GCG: Developing iPhone Games: Peeking Inside the iPhone Toolbox
"A primer for those interested in iPhone development, this excerpt from new Apress book Beginning iPhone Games Development should get you acquainted with the relevant aspects of developing for iPhone OS."

GCG: The Aesthetics of Unique Video Game Characters
"SMU Guildhall masters student Shaylyn Hamm creates female Team Fortress 2 characters with broad appeal -- eschewing stereotypes and working with survey data for the final result in this thesis."

GCG: Game Design So Good, Even Dad Would Use It
"TheGameProdigy.com's Brice Morrison delivers a rumination on how to correctly teach the player to play your game -- inspired by an encounter with his dad and a bike tire."