Rockin' Android, the indie publisher dedicated to localizations for obscure PC doujin shoot'em-ups, announced a partnership with Sony Online Entertainment to release three titles on the PlayStation Network next month.

Regular readers will remember that Rockin' Android revealed this deal late last year, but this formal announcement specifies the planned PSN games slated to receive an HD edition, PSN Trophies support, and remote play capabilities: Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne, and Hitogata Happa.

All three of the "bullet hell" titles are part of Platine Dispositif's Gundemonium Collection, which will also see a PC release in the U.S. (includes a DVD-Rom edition and a digital download version) on May 18th. You can watch player-uploaded gameplay videos for Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne, and Hitogata Happa after the break.

"Our collaboration with game development powerhouse Sony Online Entertainment creates an incredibly unprecedented opportunity to expose many of Japan’s top indie video games to the worldwide online gaming community," says Rockin’ Android President Enrique Galvez. "This is truly an exciting time for both companies, the Japanese indie game industry and gaming consumers."

Gundemonium Recollection:


Hitogata Happa: