Released to the App Store earlier this week, Sketch Nation Shooter from Engineous Games (Tatomic) lets you create your own vertical-and horizontal-scrolling shoot'em ups with custom artwork you've drawn on paper.

The game is somewhat similar to Photo Fighter X, a DSiWare fighting game that uses the system's camera to import photos and backgrounds, except Sketch Nation Shooter uses the iPhone's camera to capture doodles of shoot'em up enemies (with customizable hit points, AI patterns, and more) and animated stage elements.

For gamers without a lick of artistic ability, Sketch Nation Shooter also allows you to import elements from your iPhone's photo library and offers art packs for you to play with. You can also download assets that other players have uploaded.

You can also upload, download, and rate games created with Sketch Nation Shooter online with the game's built-in social networking features. That's a lot of features and customization options for just $0.99!