Online apparel shop Triumvir has opened preorders for its Super Street Fighter X collection, a new line of t-shirts complementing this week's release of Super Street Fighter IV for consoles. Unlike Triumvir's Psycho Brigade collection, which featured subtle nods and icons to M. Bison's Shadaloo crime syndicate, this line prominently features concept art from the series.

The black and white artwork comes from Kinu Nishimura and CRMK, and was originally created many years ago for the oft-forgotten 3DO version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. "Trust me when I first pitched this idea to Capcom they almost had no recollection of this artwork, but I was able to hunt this down," explains Triumvir's Brandon Cheng.

He adds, "The main concept was to resurrect these magnificent sketches that have almost been forgotten and reintroduce them to the Street Fighter community. We simply wanted to add the color concept into the sketches by using a water-colored technique onto the graphics. These sketches took days, hours, and minutes for [us] to trace and apply the colors."

I've included shots of my favorite shirts below, but you can see the entire Super Street Fighter X collection and put in a preorder (first 100 orders over $50 receive a limited Shadaloo Boxing Glove keychain) at Triumvir's online shop.