With Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's release in Japan this week, Konami has uploaded a series of humorous animated guides that help introduce the game to beginners by relating common features to real life situations.

In the above clip for example, viewers learn that "a heart massage is effective against a friend who's had his heart broken." Here, Tom and Dick vow to confess their love to their girlfriends but are rejected. Dick gives Tom a heart massage to revive him, and Tom says, "I was saved because of you." Dick responds, "I'm your friend, aren't I?"

In the other video I've embedded, Jeff helps his friend, Jane, get over her fears of passing a sleeping dog by teaching her the Snake Formation (automatically following a friend) and how to sneak by in a Love Pack Box with two people. "I'm not scared if I'm with you! And friendship level goes up too!?"

You can see more of the Peace Walker videos and explanations at Andriasang.com. I give the entire set of clips a score of 40 out of 40!