Nippon Ichi Software's Second Novel: Summer Girlfriend 15 Minutes of Memory uses a common video game trope -- characters stricken with amnesia -- but its prelude and story are certainly unconventional: one of the game's stars, Ayano, jumps off her school's rooftop. As you can already tell, despite the title, this is nothing like Konami's dating sim LovePlus+!

Ayano survives her fall but can only recall the last fifteen minutes of the events leading up to her jump. The protagonist of this PSP game, a boy named Naoya, also attempted suicide before Ayano but doesn't remember anything. The game takes place five years after those events, as Naoyo meets Ayano and tries to learn more about what happened.

It's a really intriguing set up (in my opinion), and the game has players switching between past and present events to recover their memories. Nippon Ichi plans to release Summer Girlfriend 15 Minutes of Memory in Japan this May. Because it's a visual novel, I doubt it will see a North American release, but maybe someone will take pity on us and post impressions/screenshots from the import.

[Via Siliconera]