Though many of years have passed since Eurocom founder and director Neil Baldwin composed the soundtracks to NES games like Magician and Hero Quest, he hasn't given up on creating music with the 8-bit hardware! In the past five months, he's worked on a project called NTRQ, which he says is "the world’s first native NES music tracker"!

By "native", he means that NTRQ "runs on an NES using battery-backed RAM to store your NTRQ song data." I don't really understand all the numbers and slots that make up the Song Editor, but you can watch a video of NTRQ from a January build after the break. Baldwin also created a site for the software, where you will find tips, a support forum, and notes on the application's continued development.

While the NTRQ ROM is available to download for free -- runs in an emulator or original hardware via flashcart -- Mute City is also selling NTRQ NES carts (with the developer's permission) for $40. For each purchase, $5 of that amount will go to Cancer Research UK. Baldwin, whose mother has battled cancer for the past three years, asks that musicians who download NTRQ make a donation to Cancer Research UK, too.

[Via TCTD]