You might have heard that Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu released 10 Stories, a collection of songs written by the composer during his high school years, released earlier this month to Japanese retailers and digital download shops like iTunes. The tracks are mostly in Japanese, but it turns out that, as with most of Uematsu's video game works, the album was localized with an English edition!

The songs in the English version, titled 10 Short Stories, now feature English lyrics, so you can actually understand what the songs are about without having to decipher the odd but colorful music videos put together by Uematsu's label Dog Ear Records.

Uematsu also elected to use a different singer for 10 Short Stories; a young girl named Carol Chiaki Nobuka sings most of the English tracks. Two other girls from Japan's Shichida Child Academy also lend their voices to "Here Comes Conga Boy" and "Coconut Castaway". Just comparing the preview tracks, the Japanese and English albums sound completely different!

[Via Nobuooo]