We've had very little to judge Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP by the past few months other than a few screenshots, a short clip, and the promise that very talented people are involved in the iPhone project -- developer Capybara Games (Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes), singer-songwriter Jim Guthrie, and pixelartist/animator Craig "Superbrothers" Adams (Alpinist).

Hearing S:S&S announced as the winner of IGF Mobile's Achievement In Art award made it worse, as a collection of judges got to see what all the fuss was about while the rest of us could only guess what the rest of game looked like. Thankfully, we can now see more of S:S&S, as the group released two gameplay clips from the much-anticipated title.

The above video really shows off shows the game's atmosphere with Superbrothers's brilliant scenes and Guthrie's sublime music as S:S&S's hero explores the first area, meets a minstrel, and chases a bear. The video after the break shows how S:S&S handles combat, turning the handset to a vertical positioning for a Punch Out!!-style battle. This game can't come out soon enough!