Imagine Publishing announced that id Software co-founder game industry legend John Romero (Doom, Quake) served as guest editor for the latest edition (#75, Wolfenstein cover) of British magazine Retro Gamer for a "special celebration issue" of the figure's career.

Along with content picked by Romero, the issue will feature a huge 12-page interview with the id veteran about his thoughts on the industry and his current project. You'll also find comments, tributes, and insights about Romero from other game industry notables John Carmack and David Perry (Earthworm Jim).

Other items to look forward to in the issue include features on the Famicom Disk System, Tynesoft (Summer/Winter Olympiad), Rez, The Addams Family, Beach Head, Road Blasters, the Dizzy series, and more. You can watch editor Darran Jones flip through the magazine as he discusses its highlights in the video after the break.

The new Retro Gamer issue should be available now in the usual spots (Borders and Barnes & Noble if you're in the U.S.), as well as on iPhone.

[Image via psj3809]