Majesco announced that Diamond Trust of London, its Nintendo DS game designed by acclaimed indie designer Jason Rohrer (Passage, Between), will release this summer and will include a special feature for Nintendo DSi owners that uses the system's camera.

Looking to expose "the cutthroat nature of the diamond trade", Rohrer's title is an eight-round, two-player strategy title in which gamers take control of two underground companies and battle to strip Angola of is valuable diamonds before the United Nation begins regulating their sale.

Its a game full of deceit: "Players will engage in subversions such as bribery, salary wars and clandestine diamond bids to gain the upper hand. They must be wary, however, as agents can be bribed -- and counter-bribed -- to the point where no one can be trusted."

Diamond Trust of London allows gamers to play against an AI or another local player wirelessly (no online support). The DSi camera apparently "adds another layer to bribery as players snap pictures of opponents or engage in facial bluffing as they spy on competitors".

GameStop is currently taking preorders for Diamond Trust of London.