Namco Bandai's teaser trailer for Pac-Man Battle Royale several weeks ago gave us very little to go on with this 30th Anniversary arcade revival -- is it a remix of Pac-Man CE with Pac-Man Vs.-style multiplayer matches?

Maybe it's a game in which boisterous Junior High Pac-Man students are trapped on a dangerous island and forced to fight against each other to the death? Or perhaps it's just Pac-Man with all the fruit sprites replaced with quarter pounders from McDonalds?

Arcade Heroes captured new footage of Pac-Man Battle Royale at Amusement Expo 2010, and it looks like the game takes a few ideas from those first two predictions (no cheeseburgers, unfortunately); its graphics and changing stages are similar to Pac-Man CE, but the focus is on eating/murdering other players (Pac-Man Vs. was more about ghosts chasing Pac-Man).

These cocktail cabinets are running prototype versions and Namco Bandai won't release the game until September, so it's likely Pac-Man Battle Royale will receive a lot of changes before it's sent to arcades.