Cartoonist Michel Gagné and indie developer Fuelcell Games announced that they've negotiated with Microsoft to release their stylish shooter Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet to Xbox Live Arcade. When asked if the title is an XBLA exclusive, Gagné commented, "No one here is saying that there won't be a PC version ;)".

Fuelcell's CEO Joe Olson and Gagné put together a production team for the title shortly after the two met in 2007 and discussed the potential of "feature quality 2D animation" in a side-scrolling game. While the game seems to share a lot of similarities with PixelJunk Shooter, Gagné's visual design for ITSP gives the project a distinct look/atmosphere.

"We’ve assembled an extremely talented, dedicated, and passionate group of people around this unique project," says Olson. "The combined forces of our team of game industry veterans, Michel’s unique artistic style and vision, and Microsoft’s expertise in the downloadable game space is sure to make for a lasting impression on 2D gaming."

[Via Eastern Mind]