In one of the oddest game collaboration projects yet, rock group Linkin Park and game developer Artificial Life have revealed Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion, a new 2D action-adventure game starring the band and featuring its music, releasing to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad soon.

In the game, players must travel through 8-bit stages themed after each band member while fighting agents of PixxelKorp, an evil corporation that's stolen Linkin Park's music. Players can create and customize their avatars with hundreds of different combinations. 8-Bit Rebellion also offers lots of social gaming features like IM chats, in-app messaging, message boards, virtual gift sending, and player rankings.

Along with original, 8-bit interpretations of the group's hits like "Crawling and "In The End", the iPhone title features an exclusive new song titled "Blackbirds", which is unlocked after completing the game. Artificial Life says this is "the first time an artist has released a brand-new song through a mobile game app."

I'm sure Linkin Park fans will eat this up, but the mix of different and unattractive art styles seems jarring and reminds me of Sengoku Hime, which you might remember as 2009's "Kusoge Of The Year" award. Also, I hope the chiptune remixes of Linkin Park's songs aren't anything like what's in the trailer; those tracks sound awful.