With nine months passed since its last issue, FORT90ZINE, the print rag from GameSetWatch NYC correspondent and Heavy.com blogger Matthew "Fort90" Hawkins, is making its return next month with a new issue and this capital cover from Mariel "Kinuko" Cartwright. It has Servbots, Solid Snake, and a reverse-handed Momohime; what's not to love?

Inside, the #3 issue includes a foreword by Life Meter's Dave Roman, a pin-up by Hilary Florido, and video game-related text from Hawkins and Brian Liloia. I've also contributed a little article for this release, so I guess you can take that either as an incentive or a warning if you're still undecided on whether to purchase the magazine.

Attract Mode, which offers a handsome collection of game zines like Raina Lee's 1-Up MegaZine and Mathew Kumar's exp., will sell the issue beginning next month. And while we're talking about Attract Mode, the video game culture shop will be at PAX East next weekend, selling its wares alongside 2 Player Productions in a shared booth.