Dog Ear Records has launched a Japanese site for 10 Stories, Nobuo Uematsu's new album filled with original songs written during the Final Fantasy composer's high school years. I've featured several of the CD's songs here before -- "The Chef Who Used His Noodle", "Coconut Castaway", and "Conga Stories" -- but this site features art and samples for 10 tracks.

Surprisingly, the site also reveals that despite the album's title, the CD will actually feature 14 tracks, two of which are bonus and "alternate version" songs. I wonder what the other two songs are? Anyway, if you listen to only one tune from the CD, make sure it's #8, "The Incredible Flying Natsuhiko"!

Dog Ear plans to release 10 Stories on March 10th, and it will likely appear on online import shops shortly afterward. You can preorder it through the U.S. iTunes store now, too!

[Via Original Sound Version]