Though Boing Boing's alternate/indie gaming site Offworld is, for the most part, no more, managing editor (and Gamasutra alum) Brandon Boyer is still putting up great video game articles at the main Boing Boing site, including two recent pieces on indie developers presented in an attractive blogazine format instead of using the site's typical post template.

The most recent article, "Less Talk More Rock", is an approximation of a presentation given by artist Craig "Superbrothers" Adams at the recent Indie Games Rant, a GDC lecture in which a collection of indie developers (e.g. Thatgamecompany's Robin Hunicke) and game journalists (e.g. Area 5's Ryan O'Donnell) take the stage for five minutes and speak about their thoughts on the game industry.

Adams, who is currently collaborating with Capybara Games (Critter Crunch, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes) on Sword & Sworcery EP, shared some of his slides from his presentation in Boing Boing's article, including the above re-creation of a famous Legend of Zelda scene.

In the artist's rant, which argues that "the native language of videogames can neither be spoken nor written", he describes projects as starting with a vision, moving into a phase in which developers plan and talk about the idea, then actually making the game. Adams calls on developers to skip that second step:

"Don't talk about it. Don't plan it. Dive in and start making it happen. If you do that -- if you can start rocking -- you'll get some momentum, and when you have some momentum then the project has a chance, because now you're into it. It's going somewhere, it's tangible. Sure, you'll still run up against problems to solve and decisions to make, but you'll approach these in the moment and solve them in the moment. You'll solve them so you can keep moving."

Once you've read that rousing piece, make sure you also take in Boyer's other recent Boing Boing article, "Caught Sleeping", a tour through Jason Rohrer's (Passage) upcoming two-player, storytelling PC game Sleep Is Death -- which sounds just as intriguing as his other current project, Diamond Trust of London for Nintendo DS/DSi.