Now that BioShock 2 is shipped, 2K Marin's lead level designer Jean-Paul LeBreton has time to work on other projects while the studio breathes a collective sigh of relief. He isn't able to get Rapture out of his head, though, as he returned to BioShock's world for his next personal project.

Usin Slade, a modern map editor for the Doom series, the level designer re-created BioShock's Arcadia and Farmer's Market, the sections he was the primary designer on. "It’s a monster of a level, crammed full of weird little BioShock-to-Doom transmutations and symbolism," he says. "If you’re a fan of either game, I hope you enjoy it."

You can download the Arcadia WAD file (Doom 2 required), as well as read LeBreton's commentary on constructing Arcadia and the Doom de-make, at the designer's site. He's also posted a complementary design analysis of the original Doom.