If Quarrel's bewildering but intriguing pitch of board game "word tactics" -- a mixture of Scrabble, Risk, and Countdown -- doesn't quite make sense to you, worry not! Scottish digital toy and game company Denki have posted this first trailer for the XBLA game to explain the ABCs of its premise:

  • "A is for Attack Your Neighbours" (invade neighboring spaces on a world map to expand your own territory, as in Risk)
  • "B is for Best Word Wins" (form as long a word as possible out of a random set of letters given to you, as in Scrabble)
  • "C is for Crush Everyone" (repeat!)

See, it's pretty simple! The game uses Collins Official Scrabble Dictionary, so you'll have a wide selection of more than 114,000 words to choose from while leading your tribe of Quarrellers to vocabulary victory. Denki will release Quarrel to Xbox Live Arcade some time in 2010

[Via GamerBytes]