Despite its focus on the past, Retro Gamer is looking to current technologies to keep the magazine alive, and is now available on the iPhone. Fans of the publication can download a Retro Gamer Magazine app for $1.99, read the latest issue, and buy back issues for $4.99. There are also options for purchasing 6-month ($21.99) and 1-year ($49.99) subscriptions.

Those of you in the U.S. who've spent crazy bucks on subscriptions or single issues at Barnes & Noble will immediately notice that it's much cheaper than the crazy prices you've been paying for import copies. I wonder if Retro Gamer will be able to get its Videogames Hardware Handbook on the digital store? I spent $20 for that "bookazine" last month.

Those of you who scoff at the idea of reading the magazine on such a small screen (dismissing its zoom, scan, and bookmark features), keep in mind that this will be even better on the iPad! In fact, this is now my primary reason for wanting the Apple device now: cheaper issues of Retro Gamer. All it requires is an initial $499 minimum investment.

GamesTM, another UK-based magazine from Imagine Publishing (which is working with PixelMags for these apps), also has a $0.99 app for the iPhone with an option to buy back issues.

[Via Retro Gamer]