SpecialEffect, a UK-based charity dedicated to helping children with disabilities play video games, launched Gamebase, a new hub that caters to both gamers who are looking for disability-friendly releases and developers who are hoping to make their titles more accessible.

The community site allow visitors to watch videos about making games more accessible, track upcoming events and notable releases, join console/control-specific groups to follow others with similar interests, and join in discussions about different ways to play games (eg. audio, switch controls, eye gaze, head mouse).

Gamebase features a collection of user-contributed articles suggesting titles that kids with disabilities might enjoy, going into detail on features designed to make the gameplay more accessible. Machinarium's reliance on pointing and clicking, for example, make it perfect for eye-gaze/head-mouse controls. Bayonetta (for older gamers, naturally) also receives a recommendation for its "Automatic" mode.

You can watch a short video below on how you can contribute to Gamebase's articles after joining the community:

[Via Retro Remakes]