Though Sega has done little to promote Sands of Destruction's debut in the U.S. this week, ostensibly sending the curious Image Epoch RPG out to die, the publisher worked with FUNimation to release the first two English episodes of the game's tie-in anime online.

Produced by Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell, Batman: Gotham Knight), the anime lasted only one season in Japan when debuted in Japan in 2008, but fans of the game might appreciate the animated adaptation. Though FUNimation plans to put out a 2-DVD set with all thirteen episodes later this month, you can watch the first two dubbed episodes for free right now (all 13 episodes are available with subtitled versions, too).

If I remember correctly, Sega took a real multi-media approach with Sands of Destruction in Japan, also creating a manga to accompany the game and anime. I wonder if that will ever make it to the States as well?