While you wait for Q Entertainment (Lumines, Rez HD) to release Rock Band: Japan and Ninety-Nine Nights II, you can play another recent release from the studio: Q?pid. Billed as a "flirty fun puzzle game", the game is meant to serve as "a social ice-breaker, if not a romantic fire starter" for iPhone/iPod Touch owners.

The game has two players (or more) moving around markers along different paths with their fingertips. Q?pid takes advantage of the platform's multi-touch screen to force players to work cooperatively and sit close to each other so they can unlock a mystery photo. There's also an Edit Mode that allows you to add personalized messages, photos, or music from your iTunes library.

If you're still unsure how the $1.99 game makes for a "romantic fire starter", refer to these three videos Q Entertainment uploaded to demonstrate how Q?pid would work in a drinking party, a "puppy love dating situation", and a "more adult situation". As embarrassing as the last lecherous clip is to watch, it's worth viewing just for the narration: "You can go wild even from the first contact."

"Puppy Love Dating Situation":

Drinking Party:

"More Adult Situation":