When virtual spaces developer Veemee released London Pub to PlayStation Home in Europe last month, I assumed the digital tavern was an across-the-Atlantic exclusive, but the company has brought the watering hole to the U.S. Stateside PS3 owners can now log into online world and purchase their own London Pub for $5.99 (which Veemee notes is "less than the price of a round of drinks").

Along with comedy beer pumps, the space offers an open fire, a multiplayer darts game, phones for making crank phone calls, and "virtual hand dryers that don't really dry your hands". Owners can invite their friends over to introduce them to the experience of hanging out at a bar "situated on the banks of the river Thames overlooking The Houses of Parliament".

"It's always nice to inject a bit of humor into the games industry," says Veemee's creative director Kirk Ewing. "In a virtual pub you can get all the banter but obviously none of the booze. In The London Pub in Home we always encourage people to 'Think Responsibly'!"