Unsatisfied with hardware sales in Japan, Microsoft searched for a spokesman that could convert gamers into Xbox 360 fans and found itself a perfect mascot: Mr. Sanrokumaru (which translates as 3-6-0), a man with an X for a head. He joins two other salarymen from Microsoft's Xbox Mission Department in the company's latest commercials.

As Kotaku points out, the ads are reminiscent of Sega Dreamcast's self-deprecating Hidekazu Yukawa (Mr. Sega) commercials, which I'm totally alright with. In the above clip, the Mission Department members demonstrate that they're willing to risk life and limb to secure marquee titles for the Xbox 360.

The commercial after the break shows Mr. Sanrokumaru trying to convince a representative from Capcom's Monster Hunter Frontier to sign a contract, which evidently worked! Now I really want to see the Xbox 360 succeed in Japan, just so it will give the company enough reason go produce more of these ads.